OUR STORY(English)

Welcome to Bridge Bamboo.
The name of our shop was created by combining both sides of our family tree: Hashida (Hashi = Bridge) and Takenoshita (Take = Bamboo). Family tradition also provided the inspiration for the theme of our shop; Utsuwa (ceramics) & Kimono. The exclusive Tobe ceramic tableware (“Tobe-yaki”) displayed on our shelves originates from the Hashida’s family hometown of Tobe in Ehime prefecture. The family kiln produced fine Tobe-yaki ceramics for a consecutive nine generations. Traditional Tobe-yaki dates back to the Edo period and is characterized by hand-painted indigo blue on white ceramic clay. Known for its subtle and sometimes playful designs, Tobe-yaki goes well with nearly any home decor and can easily be used as western tableware. Its durability makes it ideal for everyday use. We regularly select works from traditional as well as contemporary Tobe-yaki artists and will be happy to make any recommendations or suggestions. The Takenoshita family influence is reflected in the beautiful kimono fabrics and accessories that celebrate the continuing tradition of our grandfather’s kimono shop in Matsudo, Chiba prefecture for over 40 years. The exquisite textile designs are waiting to be transformed into eloquent fashion or utilized as unique interior accents. We can assist with selecting a kimono that matches your personal style and answer all the questions about kitsuke, the dressing process. Our shop offers kimono sales, alterations, accessories, rental services, and yukata dressing workshops. We appreciate the opportunity to share these personally selected items and hope that you have the chance to enjoy them as well.

Bridge Bamboo 


>表参道駅 B3出口徒歩3分 愛媛県の砥部焼を100ほどある窯元からセレクト 絵付け体験 (絵付けした後は愛媛県にて本焼きするためお時間いただきます)


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